Creating a Social Purpose Culture . . . Together

We believe creating a social purpose culture begins with innovative ideas created by people who feel a passion for making a difference.

Change starts with each of us . . . Working in our schools, in our communities, in our local governments, and in our businesses. It starts with little steps that grow into larger ones.

We can start by volunteering, becoming a social entrepreneur or social intrapreneur, or maybe creating a community program.

Let’s begin by showing our communities and businesses that by working together we can create greater value by making the world a better place for us and our children.

Our communities will be healthier, stronger and more vibrant when we become more deeply connected and have a vested interest in our joint success.

Meet the Co-Founders of Move

Bill Alvstad

Bill Alvstad

President and Show Host/Producer

Bill Alvstad has an extensive background in sales, marketing, market development and small business start-ups, including 25 years as a top sales professional in the apparel and marketing industry.

Bill is also married and the father of two children, a volunteer, mentor and youth sports coach. Bill is currently writing a book about Creating a Social Purpose Culture.  He also is the Executive Producer and co-host of the Move Minds Podcast.


Our Mission 


Provide news and resources about the social purpose culture movement.


Share inspirational stories of people making a difference.


Form a community of social purpose visionaries who want to change the world.

Sherrie Koretke

Sherrie Koretke

Publisher/Editor and Show Host

Sherrie Koretke’s expansive business experience includes serving as the CEO of a family-owned office product company, office manager, retail manager, and buyer. She loves travel, reading, and studying about small business.

She also loves animals and supports the local humane society. She is currently writing a book about Creating a Social Purpose Culture and the co-host of the Move Minds Podcast.

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