Move Minds has a mission to create a movement.

A cultural movement we call a Social Purpose Culture

And we need your help to accomplish it.

This is actually your movement. A movement that begins with your ideas, your dreams, and your values.

Learn more about our movement to create a social purpose culture and identify your role as a social purpose visionary or citizen.

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Creating a Social Purpose Culture . . . Together


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Our Mission at Move Minds Global

We believe that creating a social purpose culture is critical to our mutual success. However, having a social purpose or mission does not go far enough. We actually need to redefine success to include a social purpose.

A system of shared values and ideals is needed to add substance and depth to that purpose, so that it is woven into our everyday actions.

A Social Purpose Culture

We begin by working in our schools, in our communities and in our local governments and businesses. We can start by volunteering and mentoring, and taking individual action to create positive change. Social purpose visionaries and citizens are our leaders, innovators, and action takers. There are no bystanders in a social purpose culture.

Let’s team up and show our communities and businesses that by working together, we can create a stronger, healthier and more vibrant culture and society. One that is more deeply connected and adds value and meaning, and makes the world a better place for ourselves and our children.

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