Ideas. They are awesome, right? Ideas can be a catalyst to innovation, profits, efficiency, and so much more. So why do they create problems? Here is what I have learned from partnering with someone who loves ideas as much as I do. Sometimes we drown under the weight of our ideas as they can lead to miscommunication, distractions, and loss of valuable time.

I think collaborating and brainstorming is fun and a large part of being a social purpose visionary. So I decided to research some solutions before ideas wreaked havoc on our business partnership.

How about you? Do you love ideas? Are you partnering with someone who does? Here are few resources and articles to help you manage all those ideas.

Phone Apps

Capture ideas on your phone when you are away from your desk. I personally use my memo app or Google Drive app. If you would like something a little fancier, here is an article with more app suggestions.

The 10 Most Efficient Apps for Taking Notes

Mind Maps

Some people love exploring ideas through mind maps. Here Mashable shares their top 25 mind mapping tools:

24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

And to learn more about Mind Maps and their benefits visit:

How to Mind Map and the Benefits

Idea Management Systems

Are you looking for something a little more elaborate so you can work with a team or employees? Here is a summary of what to look for in idea management systems.

An Overview of Idea Management Systems

Scheduling Brainstorming Sessions

A part of managing ideas is scheduling brainstorming sessions to get them all down in one sitting. Here is a great post on managing brainstorming sessions with yourself or a group of people.

Brainstorming: Generating Many Radical, Creative Ideas

Online Tools for Creative Idea Storage and Sharing

Would you rather have a place to store your ideas online? Check out these websites. Several of them also have phone apps so you can save your ideas in one place.


Google Drive



Print Friendly


Do you love the feel of writing in journals and notebooks? I found this great article on the best ways to journal so you can keep track of all your ideas.

How to Journal: 5 Tips for Capturing Your Best Ideas

What is your favorite way of saving ideas? Please let us in the comments below.