What subject sends you into a rant?

Let’s say someone at a party mentions a certain subject and you launch into an impassioned speech about the problems you see and how you would do things differently.

When a certain topic comes up and we begin to rant about it, what is being revealed is a hidden pain we feel. That pain is what we are here to heal in ourselves and then help heal in others. These rants are a clue into what may be the fuel behind your career as a Social Purpose Visionary.

I’ll tell you one of mine. It is how we are raised and educated. I learned early on in life that our educational system doesn’t fit who we are, individually. I remember feeling lost and not recognized for what I was really good at doing. Sure, I did okay when it came to testing and getting decent grades. But what I was gifted at wasn’t highly recognized as a skill or talent so I was left feeling like I wasn’t talented at anything.

Looking back after all the training and self-learning I have been through, I realize what I am really good at doing. I am great at seeing the big picture. I have a high common sense ability. I read anything I can get my hands on. I scan  information and gather anything I feel is important. I am the person people came to for practical advice and am generally known as a “know it all.”

This experience has led to many rants about education, social issues, and injustice. I just can’t help it. I feel called to defend those who go unnoticed.

So what topic gets you going? What gets you fired up during dinner conversations, at a  family get-together, or around the water cooler at work?

Do you see how your rants could be because you are a Social Purpose Visionary?