I’m not a social issue kind of guy. I’m a sales guy. I’m a business owner. But I wasn’t happy. My life lacked purpose and passion. I needed to do something bigger than just for myself. Sound familiar? All of us come to this crossroad at some point. We want to do more, but lack ideas or direction on how to change it. Well, this was me just a few months ago. But something happened that gave me a spark and sometimes a spark is all you need.

Sure, I volunteer to read with the kids at my son’s school. I really enjoy sports and have even played sports myself for years. I have played on five championship baseball teams in the last 15 years and played in two men’s forty plus year old World Series in Phoenix, AZ, winning 4 game MVP’s. I wanted to pass on some of my knowledge and love of the game, so I coach youth baseball in my community.

These are all good things and we should all try to do these types of things in our own communities. It enriches our own lives and the lives of those around us. However, even with all that in my life I still woke up and sold embroidery and screen printing on shirts, jackets and hats. That’s all.

The biggest social impact I had tried was to combine my deliveries all on one day to save gas.  I was empty. No passion. But, here’s the deal.  I’m a passionate guy! Sports, politics, education, etc. But not in my work. I needed a spark and then . . . one landed in my lap.

You know what they say. When opportunity knocks.

I had a friend who came to me with an idea and asked if I wanted to do a podcast with him. Immediately I became excited about the idea. My secret desire was to be on the radio. He wanted to do a sports show but within about 10 minutes it became clear that I wanted more than that. I wanted to talk about a whole host of social issues.

We went down this path for a bit of time, but it didn’t work for me. My friend wasn’t the right partner for where my vision was taking me. This was not about what he was doing or wasn’t doing, but about me and what I needed to do and where I wanted to go. I had decided in a short time period that I wanted to do this for a living. I wanted to earn money. I certainly didn’t know how to do it yet, but the drive to do so became strong. But my core message of what I wanted to communicate and how that would actually translate into a business model had yet to take shape.

That’s when I coined the term Move Minds. My first thought was “Hey, that’s catchy!” I need to keep that and use it for something so I bought the Web URL.

At first I thought the business would be just about politics. I want politics and government to work better together to solve some of our more pressing issues. What I wanted was to “move minds” to work together in politics. Mark McKinnon, who was a political adviser to both the George Bush Jr. and John McCain presidential political campaigns, founded a non-profit group called No Labels. This group’s purpose is to find common ground between Republicans and Democrats, to work together to solve problems. I wanted to emulate that in some way but it still seemed too narrow for the overall vision that I had.

I then spoke to another long time friend that I have, Sherrie Koretke, for advice and direction. She is a trained career coach and had helped with the initial podcast idea. As we began to talk about podcasting a new direction for Move Minds began to take shape and a larger idea was born. But as it turns out, we were only just getting started.

By the end of our first meeting about Move Minds we decided to partner and co-found a new company called Move Minds Global with a focus on redefining success. We started out wanting to write a book about it. The idea has blossomed and transformed a few times since that first meeting five months ago to better reflect our personalities and passions. It has since become a very large and ambitious project.  

We simply could not have imagined how much just a few months ago.