It was 2006. My husband, our 6-year-old daughter, and I found ourselves living in an RV. At the time, we were running our family owned business out of it while we were just beginning to build our dream home. During that time the credit market started tightening up and our funds ran out. That was the end of our business.

There we were, living in an old RV on the property we owned with no real means of support. I soon found a job that kept food on the “table” and a “roof” over our head but we still lived this way for a year and a half. At that time I felt very grateful to have food, shelter, running water, electricity, and my family.

I learned something really valuable.

I learned that the world holds unbelievable beauty that is available to all of us. For free. During that time I witnessed stunning sunrises, deer eating the sage brush, horses running wild after they escaped, and cattle drives right in front of our property. There was something humbling about living the way we lived.

I was in awe of the beauty that Mother Nature provided. It was a soothing balm for all the fear and uncertainty. I learned we may miss the importance of nature unless we are guided to appreciate it’s value.

For years I wondered how I would share the story of how we lived for that year and a half and all the valuable lessons I learned. The timing never seemed right. I also needed to heal old wounds about losing a business. There was the pain of trying to keep a business alive years longer than I thought we could and then still having it fail. I needed to recover from the many sleepless nights and the gut wrenching fear of losing a business.

I learned that the purpose of life is far more than achieving material success.

A couple of years later I found myself wanting to try again. I trained as a career coach and loved helping people discover their career paths and their purpose in life. I was beginning to develop theories on why people weren’t happy with their careers and their lives. But it still wasn’t enough. Every idea I came up with failed to have any real passion behind it.

It wasn’t until I was helping my good friend and now business partner, Bill Alvstad, with a business project that I realized why. While I was helping him produce a podcast I put on a set of headphones and realized I wanted to do that for a living. I had no idea what “that” was or why but I felt drawn to it. When we started to discuss creating a podcast together and looking for a topic we talked about success and how to achieve it. But, that topic rang very hollow to us.

We knew we had to dig a little deeper to find out why.

Our talks led us to a term we had never thought about before . . . Success Redefined. This was something I had learned through my experience so I was comfortable with the idea. After a little research we learned that a few people were already talking about redefining success. But the topic still wasn’t deep enough. Then we started piecing together our past experiences, research, word phrases, and the social issues we were passionate about. All of which became interwoven and lead us to where we are today. How to create a social purpose culture and inspire social purpose visionaries to create it.

We’ll explain what we mean in our next post.