“With a wave of millennials soon to enter the workforce, leaders in Colorado — from politicians to cutting-edge recruiters — are making changes they hope will maximize the state’s competitive advantage in recruiting the best and brightest.

In just six years, millennials will account for about 40 percent of Colorado’s workforce, and experts say they will make their presence known.

“We’re looking at a baby boomer exodus. Every sector is facing the reality of potentially facing a worker shortage in the next 10 to 25 years,” said Seana Steffen, founder and executive director of the Restorative Leadership Institute in Longmont. “In nonprofit and the private sector, there is a lot of concern about competing for the greatest talent, and that reality means these young people are actually going to have influence.”

Studies show the millennial generation, born after 1980, is politically active and socially minded, especially when it comes to their vision of what business can achieve. “

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