“You might argue that there are 3 types of shareable information: 1) facts, 2) opinions, and 3) stories. Of the 3, stories are the shortest distance to our hearts. A story is a roadmap to another person’s subjective experience — the gateway to empathy. It’s obvious, then, why stories are an essential means of relating for social innovators.

A real story is by definition extremely particular, singular and unique. Its specificity is what sticks.

Earlier this year, CVS Caremark made a landmark decision to ban the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products in its pharmacies, costing the company $2 billion in sales annually. There were without a doubt hundreds of considerations for CVS executives to weigh before arriving at this industry-shaking decision. For one of those executives, Ms. Eileen Howard Boone, the deciding factor was her beloved aunt, Beatrice. Ms. Boone, who spoke last week at the Social Innovation Summit had lost Beatrice to cancer, after watching her struggle throughout her life to quit smoking. I never knew Ms. Boone’s aunt, but I’ll always associate her with this incredible move for social good by a major corporation.”

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