The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has been working to improve the health of all Americans for 42 years, but we’ve long realized we can’t achieve truly transformative scale on our own. We partner with organizations that are successfully implementing programs that address our shared concerns. We invest in current and future leaders through our professional development programs. We work with policy makers to change laws on tobacco, hospice care, affordable health care access, and numerous other issues. Through our RWJF Leadership Network, we leverage social networking technology so that some 6,000 change agents can better share ideas, tactics, and encouragement.

This year we also are transforming ourselves through a new strategic vision. Recognizing that health is a multifaceted and interdependent issue, we are shifting our efforts to focus on building a more holistic “Culture of Health.” Health is dependent on jobs, family, and community; it is dependent on access to affordable health care, economic and social opportunities, and prevention and treatment. To achieve a Culture of Health, we must tackle complex, ever-changing problems, and pursue solutions that are neither obvious nor stable. We must also connect our actions to those of others, forming partnerships with a variety of organizations in all sectors—particularly in the corporate sector.

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