Social Change Requires Foundations to Help Nonprofits Extend Their Digital Reach

History shows that big social change often starts small. From civil rights to the rise of the Tea Party, the seeds of many national movements were planted by small groups of people talking around kitchen tables. While computer screens and smartphones may have replaced those kitchen tables, it’s still true that small groups of people with big ideas can spark powerful social change. But now more and more of that work can be powered by new tools that offer faster and more affordable ways of connecting with thousands of people with tweets or text messages.

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Leonard Quart: Cities Take Lead on Social Change

Given the paralysis of our federal government, the revitalization of cities has begun to lie in the hands of the municipalities themselves because they can now look less and less to the federal government for help. For example, federal funding typically allocated to local housing agencies has been steadily declining since 2000. The same is true for many other areas of urban funding threatened with cuts, like transportation and federal block grants, because federal government austerity is the norm. The Boston Globe wrote that potential remedies for our nation’s problems are treated with “with almost complete indifference in Washington, the world’s capital of gridlock.” In a piece in The Nation, “Power to the City,” Michelle Goldberg emphasizes that it’s mainly on the city level that political excitement and innovation exist.

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Wanted: Organisations Using Tech for Good

Organisations using technology for social change are being encouraged to put themselves forward for the Nominet Trust 100 – a prestigious award recognising inspiring projects.

The NT100 demonstrates how technology can be used to improve public services and bring about social change, shining a spotlight on people and projects using the web, mobile, data and computing to create positive social change.

“For this year’s NT100, we are seeking the most inspirational social tech ventures from around the world,” said Annika Small, chief executive of the Nominet Trust.

“We are looking for nominations of ventures that have inspired people in their use of technology to mobilise significant social change.

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