How does mass media Influences our culture? In this episode Bill and Sherrie talk about the media and how it influences our culture. We discuss why it’s so important to notice how the uses of mass media changes us, positively and negatively.

What is media?

Media is communication, whether written, broadcast, or spoken, that reaches a large audience. This includes television, radio, advertising, movies, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, social media and more.

Why is media influence important to us at Move Minds?

In the beginning of Move Minds we discussed how success and the messages we received about what it meant to be successful were highly influenced by the media. This lead us to research what would bring more meaning into people’s live.

Which companies control the majority of  our media?

Why is their influence so important?

  • Shapes what we see and how.
  • Creates a sense of urgency but important information is usually left out.
  • Sets trends based on what businesses want to sell.
  • Traditional media represents idealized views of success and beauty. It is carefully constructed to present a very specific message in order to get us to buy new things.
  • Creates constant exposure to information geared to get us to do or feel something.

Call to Action

  • Find new ways to keep informed and be entertained.
  • Minimize your exposure to news, advertising, social media, and such.
  • Share positive messages and examples with your family and peers.

Great reference for parents about various forms of entertainment for kids and families.

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