Who are social purpose visionaries and are you one?  In this episode Bill and Sherrie talk about these special people and give you several clues to see if you are one of them.

What is a Social Purpose Visionary?

 Social Purpose Visionaries are people who are filled with original ideas about what the future could look like for a society.They are the ones who feel called to fulfill a certain mission or make a change in the world. SPV’s are compassionate, empathetic people who envision the world as a better place.

Clues you are a Social Purpose Visionary:

  1. You have a strong sense of wanting to make a difference.
  2. Helping people or the environment is important to you.
  3. Your self-interests aren’t the first priority when making a difference.
  4. Your personal story is a strong part of why you want to create change.
  5. You have an emotional connection to your cause.

When it comes to social issues and injustice, what you feel passionate about is where you need to start in becoming a social purpose visionary.

Possible areas Social Purpose Visionaries can help:

  • Community Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Workplace Issues
  • Environmental Issues

Be sure to stay tuned for our next episode about how you can get started as a social purpose visionary.

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