We talk about a lot about success at Move Minds because the messages we hear about success and achievement feel hollow to us. This feeling is one of the reasons we started our movement.

It all started with a conversation we had about how kids are exposed to many images of huge career and financial success. We noticed the term overnight success is used a lot in popular culture.

A prime example is the reality shows that show people standing in line, auditioning, and a few talented singers can be instant stars. We rarely get a glimpse of all the years someone practiced and prepared before becoming successful.

So we asked ourselves: What do we do in the time between setting a goal and when we finally achieve it?

It’s the time we call The Success Gap. It’s the mysterious time that people rarely notice because we simply call it living our lives. But what happens in that time is very important. It’s what we do in these times between our achievements that shape our lives and the culture we create.

Please take some time to listen to our two podcasts to learn more about The Success Gap and why it’s so important.

The Success Gap and How It Affects Our Culture

Navigating the Success Gap