Have you heard Quinn Sullivan play the guitar yet? This kid can play the blues guitar better than most and he’s only 14 years old. Legendary blues guitar player and singer, Buddy Guy, has taken Quinn under his wing. He has been mentoring him and showcasing his talents in various concerts and on one of his albums.

It will be amazing to watch Quinn grow and develop as a guitarist,  singer, and songwriter. Quinn, with his natural born talent for the guitar, experience, and solid mentoring will be a force to be reckoned with someday.

Here is Quinn Sullivan singing and playing a song he wrote as a tribute to Buddy Guy.

Mentoring is a great form of creating teamwork. It creates a team of two or more people where the  mentor is passing on their years of  experience and knowledge. It’s a gratifying way to give back and it’s important way to

Have you formally mentored anyone?
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To learn more about Quinn Sullivan:
Visit his website or find him on Facebook Twitter or YouTube.